by Brett Meyer Films LLC

The story dives into the opioid epidemic told through the eyes of director, Brett Meyer, an addict in recovery. We show how he found the strength to regain sobriety and tell the stories of others still struggling.

Opiate involved overdose has nearly quadrupled in the past 10 years killing more Americans than car accidents, guns or HIV. How many of these deaths could have been prevented if we took the time to learn about the disease that is addiction?


My name is Brett Meyer. I am a Michigan based independent documentary filmmaker. I’m trying to make a film called Needles in the Hay. I grew up and currently live in Oakland County. After struggling with and recovering from opiate addiction myself, my eyes were opened to how pervasive opiate abuse is in destroying communities. Opiates include heroin, pills, and now the most dangerous opioid, Fentanyl. Untold numbers of neighbors around us are suffering behind closed doors. 


From behind the lens of a camera, I have begun filming personal interviews of my own and journeys of other Michigan residents into opiate addiction and recovery.  Understanding addiction first hand has helped me gain trust from those still suffering to tell their difficult struggles and journey.


I want to dive deeper into each person’s story, giving them a voice to show the world what addiction and recovery look like on an everyday basis and over time. These first-person perspectives are a big part of what Needles in the Hay will offer. I want to reach the hundreds of thousands of people still suffering, as well as the community as a whole. The film will show there is hope and help available, decrease stigma, increase awareness, understanding and compassion around the Opioid Epidemic. This will allow for positive change in our state. 


I have had an influx of people reach out to tell us about their experiences and ask about recovery centers.  I supply Narcan, a lifesaving overdose tool for anyone who wants it.  Strangers have told me: “I watched your trailer and it inspired me to get clean!” Needles in the Hay is making a difference for people, and I want to continue to do so by completing the film!  When finished, the documentary will be shown at theaters, rehabilitation centers, schools, film festivals, police stations etc. as a teaching tool to promote recovery and understanding for everyone affected by addiction personally or professionally.  Minutes of people’s lives being captured on film and told within this trailer is not enough. We need to follow and complete these stories and journeys to make a real film and a big difference!


WE NEED YOUR HELP!  I have started Needles in the Hay myself, utilizing my own savings and support from family and friends, but I need a team of people to finish it. The documentary will require filming people’s lives over time, re-enactments, travel, equipment, and effort from over 15 different types of professionals including the director, producers, cinematographers, editors and many others to form the overall story. Every person is a specialist in their department and very expensive! I desperately need to complete this film for all the people struggling with addiction and for those who lost loved ones, all wanting their stories to be heard. I WILL bring hope and inspiration to those still trapped within the storm of addiction, and together we will rebuild Michigan and repair the damage the Opioid Epidemic has created the best we can.  


Please provide your support by watching the trailer on the website to learn more and back the film by making a TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION through our Non-Profit fiscal sponsor.  Please share this with your family and friends. If I can raise enough money by the end of the year, we can get Needles in the Hay made and assist in bringing the Opioid Epidemic that much closer to the end!  Thanks for your help.  WARNING: trailer contains heavy content.





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