by Brett Meyer Films LLC

This story dives into the opioid epidemic told through the eyes of director, Brett Meyer, an addict in recovery. With over a hundred hours of footage it’s time to piece together the story. That’s where you come in!

Please provide your support by watching the trailer to learn more and back the film by making a TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION.  Please share this with your family and friends. If I can raise enough money by the end of the year, we can get Needles in the Hay made and assist in bringing the Opioid Epidemic that much closer to the end!  Thanks for your help.  
WARNING: trailer contains heavy content.

Thank you for taking a closer look into Needles In The Hay! We have come so far and are so close to finishing,
however we are seeking funding to complete our final post production.
Professional Editor: We will hire an experienced editor who will dig through and transform the large amount of footage and narratives collected and turn it into a working timeline. This level of expertise is not cheap, but good editing is paramount to the impact of the viewer and the overall outcome of the film.
Colorist: are another niche position that are very expensive but vital. A professional colorist that works in a coloring studio can transform the ascetic, tone and experience of the film. It is a standard for all streaming services and production houses to now use professional colorists to grade their film to a desired look.
Post-Sound Mixing: Good sound is necessary to all films and this is done with post production sound mixing done by a professional sound studio. This mixing is especially important in documentaries being that a lot of the sound collected was on location and not in a controlled environment, creating unnecessary noises and flaws in audio. With a good sound mix, the audience will never hear any flaws and be completely engaged throughout the film.
Reenactments: We plan to shoot multiple reenactments with hired actors to use as B-roll during selected interviews. These reenactments give the viewer an “in the room” feel to watching an interview. They also add depth and value to a documentary, which is a category considered in future distribution.
Equipment Rental: We need funds to rent the right equipment to capture final footage. Cheap or faulty equipment used in documentaries is highly noticeable by the industry. Productions ranging from documentaries to television shows use rental equipment to have the right gear to capture the moment professionally, especially when the production is traveling out of state.
Co-Producer: We need to bring on an additional producer to handle the large workload that post production takes. This Co-producer will handle setting up logistics associated with final filming, ongoing communication with the editing process, and aid in the future marketing plans of the project.
Marketing & Film Festivals: Additional funds are needed to market effectively. In a day and age where content is flooded, we want to stand out and be seen. This takes a tactical marketing strategy and funding for social media promotions. Funding is additionally needed in this category for film festival submissions, which are expensive. Getting into film festivals and receiving awards are a good way to boost the marketing, add credibility to the film, and further leverage the film for distribution.
Your financial investment is important to this documentary getting seen and furthering helping to save lives. We plan to complete it in 2024 and with your contribution we can make that happen and be on our way to releasing our film to the public.





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